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Grob Standard and Custom Spur Gears

Grob’s spur gear stock allows you the flexibility to create a spur gear that meet your exact specifications. We do this by creating long bar lengths of spur gear stock which allows you to cut or machine your steel spur gear to the lengths you need.

Grob Standard Spur Gears

  • Available in mild to medium carbon steel, as well as aluminium
  • Available in either 14.5° or 20° pressure angles
  • Diametral Pitches ranging from 6 to 48
  • Modules ranging from .6 to 4
  • Outside Diameters (O.D.) up to 6″
  • AGMA 6-8 Quality
  • High Surface Finish

Grob Custom Spur Gears

  • Modified major diameters
  • Modified minor diameters
  • Modified backlash
  • Modified involute profiles