Cold Rolled

Save time & money, create cold rolled parts from bar stock. Choose from over 2100 existing profiles. If we don’t currently have the profile you need, custom profiles are also available and are tooled quickly.

Cold Rolled Spline Shafts - Grob Inc.

Spline Shafts

Grob standard splines are cold formed for superior strength, surface finish, and quality. Stocked for fast turn-around.

Cold Rolled Broached Sleeves & Flanged Bushings - Grob Inc.

Broached Sleeves & Flanged Bushings

Off the shelf broached sleeves to match all of our Grob Std. Splines.

Cold Rolled Timing Pulleys - Grob Inc.

Timing Pulleys

Industry standard profiles cold formed in long aluminum & steel bars to give you the flexibility to adjust to the width you require.

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Cold Rolled Spur Gears - Grob Inc.

Spur Gears

Grob’s cold formed spur gear stock provides industry standard profiles with superior strength, surface finish, quality, and flexibility.

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Cold Rolled Custom Broaching - Grob Inc.

Custom Broaching

Save time and money. We offer custom broaching of customer supplied parts to match our Grob Standard Splines with a fast turn around.

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Cold Rolled Custom Splines & Profiles - Grob Inc.

Custom Splines and Profiles

Grob’s experienced engineering staff will partner with your company to develop the exact custom profile that is required. Grob manufactured tooling assures complete control and quality of entire process.

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Cold Rolled Heat Exchanger Tubes & Drums - Grob Inc.

Heat Exchanger Tubes and Drums 

Heat Exchanger Tubes or sheet metal Clutch Drums can be produced using the Grob Cold Forming Process

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