Cold Rolled

Save time & money, create cold rolled parts from bar stock. Choose from over 2100 existing profiles. If we don’t currently have the profile you need, custom profiles are also available and are tooled quickly.

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Spline Shafts

Spline Shafts

Grob standard splines are cold formed for superior strength, surface finish, and quality. Stocked for fast turn-around.

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Broached Sleeves & Flanged Bushings

Broached Sleeves & Flanged Bushings

Off the shelf broached sleeves to match all of our Grob Std. Splines.

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Timing Pulleys

Timing Pulleys

Industry standard profiles cold formed in long aluminum & steel bars to give you the flexibility to adjust to the width you require.

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Spur Gears

Spur Gears

Grob’s cold formed spur gear stock provides industry standard profiles with superior strength, surface finish, quality, and flexibility.

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Custom Broaching

Custom Broaching

Save time and money. We offer custom broaching of customer supplied parts to match our Grob Standard Splines with a fast turn around.

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Custom Splines and Profiles

Custom Splines and Profiles

Grob’s experienced engineering staff will partner with your company to develop the exact custom profile that is required. Grob manufactured tooling assures complete control and quality of entire process.

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Heat Exchanger Tubes and Drums

Heat Exchanger Tubes and Drums

Heat Exchanger Tubes or sheet metal Clutch Drums can be produced using the Grob Cold Forming Process

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If you need gears, pulleys, splines or custom shapes , Grob Inc. is the perfect cold rolling partner! Employing more than 60 technicians and engineers at a 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility, we can provide high-quality cold rolling solutions for a wide range of customer needs. We can produce a variety of standard and custom profiles from superior materials at an affordable price, including, but not limited to: spline shafts, broached spline shaft sleeves & flanged bushings, timing pulleys, spur gears, and heat exchanger tubes & drums.

Spline Shafts

Our standard cold rolled spline shafts are carefully engineered to achieve maximum torsional strength and with minimal backlash. They are built with an even number of teeth and to be parallel across two or more teeth. Key advantages of these products include: 

  • Equal size tooth-to-space ratio
  • Full flank fit
  • Self centering 
  • Large contact area
  • Minimal backlash

All standard spline shafts are available with off-the-shelf mating broached sleeves and flanged bushings. We also offer custom broaching for customer parts to make them match our standard spines. 

Grob Inc. also supplies

  • Involute Splines 
  • ISO Straight Sided Spline 
  • SAE Straight Sided Spline
  • PTO Shafts

Broached Sleeves & Flanged Bushings

Our broached sleeves and flanged bushings are designed and built to match perfectly with our splines. They are manufactured to tight tolerances to ensure the best possible fit. Our broached spline shaft sleeve provides a cost effective way to make your spline shaft assembly. The spline shaft flanged bushing allows for a simple bolt assembly with timing to the spline for your spline shaft assembly.

Timing Belt Pulleys

Our timing belt pulleys can be manufactured to a wide range of industry specifications and standards to meet various applications, including: 

  • .080-MXL
  • 40DP-LT
  • 1/5-XL
  • 3/8-L
  • ½-H
  • HTD Series
  • GT Series
  • T Series
  • AT Series

They are typically made from steel or aluminum. However, we can accommodate other materials upon customer request. Additionally, stock is offered in bar lengths and sold by the foot, which provides customers with the flexibility to machine the component to their individual needs. Grob’s machine shop can also machine our stock to your final parts.

Spur Gears

Our cold rolled spur gear stock enables customers to create cold rolled spur gear solutions that meet their exact specifications and standards. The stock is made in long bar lengths, so it can be cut or machined to the desired length. They can be manufactured to our specifications or the customer’s specifications. The machining can be done by you or our skilled machinist using our CNC machines and top of the line inspection equipment.

Custom Broached Sleeves & Flanged Bushings (Spline Shaft Couplings)

While we offer a variety of standard mated broached sleeves and flanged bushings for our spline shafts, an off-the-shelf solution is not always appropriate or suitable for the customer’s application. In these cases, we can custom broach components to fit any of our standard splines. This solution facilitates the assembly process and saves time/money for the customer. Supplied to us by you or machined by our experts a custom solution can be made for your exact needs

Custom Splines, Timing Belt Pulleys, & Spur Gears

In addition to offering off-the-shelf splines, timing belt pulleys, and spur gears, we maintain the capabilities to create custom components for highly unique or specialized customer needs. Our expert engineering and manufacturing staff creates custom tooling to make all of the custom cold rolled profiles our customers demand.

  • Our custom spline capabilities include involute spline shafts, straight-sided spline shafts, metric splines, PTO shafts, and more. 
  • Our custom timing belt pulleys can be modified with regard to the construction material, pitch, and geometry as per customer requirements.
  • Our custom spur gears can have modified major and minor diameters, backlash, and involute profiles (for spur and straight gears only). 
  • Our custom forged shapes include square, hex, lobed profiles, and any other shape that we can make out of bar stock.

Custom Heat Exchanger Tubes & Drums

Our heat exchanger tubes and drums are suitable for use in a variety of heat exchanger applications, desalination, drivelines, clutch drums, and transmission drums. Tubes typically have a splined or fluted design for increased surface enhancement or liquid surface tension reduction. Drums can be rolled over hardened mandrels to achieve different interior or exterior forms.  

Machining Capabilities

Grob Inc. can machined your finished parts using our cold rolled products. With our inspection lab and CNC machines we can supply you with high quality affordable parts. Here are some of Grob Inc.’s capabilities.

  • 5-Axis Milling 
  • Turning 
  • Centerless Grinding 
  • OD Grinding
  • Surface Grinding
  • Cutting 
  • CMM
  • Digital Optical Comparator 

Cold Rolled Products from Grob Inc.

Grob Inc. is the ideal source for all cold rolled product needs. Whether you’re looking for spline shafts, broached sleeves & flanged bushings, timing pulleys, spur gears, spline shaft couplings, or heat exchanger tubes & drums, we’ve got you covered. We offer a broad selection of off-the-shelf components and a wide range of custom manufacturing capabilities, which allows us to provide solutions for nearly any customer application. 

To learn more about our cold rolled products, contact us today. For production and pricing details on standard or custom components, request a quote.