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Various Cold Rolled Spur Gears - Grob Inc.

Grob Inc. utilizes a process known in the industry as “Grob Rolling,” which cold forms gear and spline-like forms on accurately ground bars. This process was pioneered by Ben Grob in 1951 to increase strength and durability with virtually no waste while producing an extremely smooth surface finish. 

One of the components produced by this revolutionary process is a spur gear. Spur gears are cylindrical-shaped toothed components used in industrial equipment to transfer mechanical motion and control speed, power, and torque. 

Grob Inc.’s spur gears are manufactured using our own tooling, which allows us to fabricate cold-rolled spur gears that meet the exact specifications across a wide range of industrial applications, whether standard or customized. 

Our Spur Gear Manufacturing Capabilities

The capabilities of Grob Inc. spurs are numerous due to our innovative and customized process that allows us to create a product that is superior in quality and specific in customization for each project. 

Grob’s long bar lengths of spur gear stocks allow you to cut or machine gear your steel spur gear to whatever length is needed for a particular project, creating the flexibility necessary for a wide variety of spur gear applications. With unmatched customization capabilities, we can offer smaller diameters in lengths up to 6 feet, and larger diameters up to 12 feet. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer non standard stock lengths not offered by most of our competitors. 

Standard spur gear options from Grob Inc.:

  •   Availability in mild to medium carbon steel, as well as aluminum and more
  •   Availability at 14.5° or 20° pressure angles
  •   Diametral pitches ranging from 6 to 48
  •   Modules ranging from .6 to 4
  •   Outside diameters (OD) 0.25” to 6″
  •   AGMA 6-8 quality
  •   High surface finish with all the advantages of cold rolling

Our custom spur gears include:

  • Modified major diameters
  • Modified minor diameters
  • Modified backlash
  • Modified involute profiles
  • Custom material 

We also offer a wide selection of standard spur gears. Whatever your spur gear needs are, from traditional to complex, we have a solution to help move your business forward. 

Advantages of Spur Gears from Grob Inc.

Because of our commitment to excellence, the experts at Grob developed our own methods for cold forming gears, splines, shafts, bushings, and a variety of other metal parts. The Grob Rolling process increases the strength of the spur gear by rearranging the grain structure of the material over the entire tooth profile. In doing so, the material is displaced rather than removed. The result is a strong and durable product with a smooth surface finish. 

Other advantages of spur gears include simplicity in design, high-precision constant speed drive, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. 

Cold Rolled Spur Gears • Custom & Standard/Stock • US Made | Grob Inc.

Industrial Applications of Spur Gears from Grob Inc.

From a wide array of material options and dimensional capabilities to a facility equipped to produce a large number of both standard and customized spur gear options, Grob Inc.’s industrial applications and standards are vast. 

Industrial applications of Grob Inc.’s spur gears include:


  Conveyor systems

  Engines and mechanical transportation systems

  Gear pumps and motors

  Machine tools

Custom and Standard Cold-Rolled Spur Gears from Grob Inc.

When innovation and attention to detail matter, trust the pioneers in the industry for your cold-rolled spur gears. Our expert team of engineers and technicians will provide quality standard spur gears or create customized spur gears based on your needs and designed to your exact specifications. Contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help you move your project forward with our quality spur gears and exceptional customer service.