Cold Rolled Timing Pulleys

Why search continually, trying to find aluminum or steel timing pulleys that are the exact width that you need? Simply order Grob Standard aluminum or steel timing pulleys and cut them yourself. Our aluminum or steel timing pulleys stock allows you the flexibility to make pulleys in exact widths.  Don’t see the timing belt pulley you need?  Grob’s engineers will work with you to produce the desired profile, just Contact Grob!

Grob Standard Timing Pulleys

  • Cold Rolled Aluminum or Steel
  • Outside Diameter (O.D.) up to 6”
  • Available in Standard Pitches
    • .080-MXL
    • 1/5-XL
    • 3/8-L
    • ½-H
    • HTD Series
    • GT Series
    • T Series
    • AT Series
    • ….and more
Cold Rolled Timing Pulleys Stock - Grob Inc.

Precise positive drive action without slipping can be hard to achieve without the right timing belt and pulley combination. At Grob, Inc., we specialize in producing high-quality timing pulley bar stock. Used for precision speed applications, to heavy-duty equipment.

Timing Pulleys Pitch and Tooth Profile

All pulleys should be considered as precision parts, each one needs to have the right pitch, and tooth profile, to provide reliable performance. Grob, Inc. produces timing pulley bar stock in a wide range of specifications to meet a diverse array of applications and industry requirements.

Timing Pulley Pitches Imperial and Metric

Grob currently produces a wide array of industry standard pitch timing pulley profiles in both imperial and metric pitches.

Common imperial pitches include:

  • MP/MXL = 0.080″ pitch
  • LT (40 DP) = 0.0816″ pitch
  • XL = 1/5 or 0.2″ pitch
  • L = 3/8 or 0.375″ pitch
  • H = 1/2 or 0.5″ pitch

Common metric pitches include:

  • 2MM-GT
  • 3MM-GT
  • 5MM-GT
  • 8MM-GT
  • 3MM-HTD
  • 5MM-HTD
  • 8MM-HTD
  • T2.5
  • T5
  • T10
Timing Pulley Geometry

Several design considerations must be made when selecting the correct timing pulley for an application. Some of these factors include:

  • Belt width
  • Bore diameter
  • Pulley Width
  • Groove Geometry

Grob, Inc. can manufacture a wide variety of industry standard profiles. In house tooling production gives us the flexibility to quickly and accurately produce nearly any timing pulley profile.

Getting the Profile You Need from Grob, Inc.

Grob, Inc. manufactures high-quality timing belt pulley stock that meet or exceed industry standards, for applications across multiple industries. Our proprietary cold rolling process can produce pulleys with outside diameters of up to six inches in either steel or aluminum.

Contact us today to learn more about our timing pulley stock or customization options.